In these unprecedented times CNC staff continue to work hard to include our clients in the outside world as much as safely possible. They continue to work with keeping our clients feeling safe, secure and well, and with the worry and stress some are feeling, are answering out of hour calls without question or hesitation. Much to their credit, still with a refreshing smile and sense of  humour. Thank you to our exceptional team 

Testimonials on behalf of our service users in supported living

24th March 2020


Dear CNC,

I am sending this email to let you know that I am very impressed by the way the front line staff, and the behind the scenes staff, are doing such an excellent job in dealing with the current climate of this lethal outbreak.

I would like to commend each and every staff member in doing so much for us all, who need care and support and to say please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

God bless you all and once again...Thank you with love


Michael Crabbe, on behalf of all at Cherry Mill.

30th April 2020

Dear CNC,

It is now over a month ago since I messaged you in the coronavirus lockdown. I have been self isolating for six weeks and i have to express just how all the staff team and management are dealing with the situation, in such a way that is not only professional but light hearted and reassuring. I cannot stress just how much they have made me personally feel safe and secure. I have not wanted for anything.

Thank you ever so much to all involved in dealing with covid19 outbreak and especially to John and Peter for sorting out the PPE. Once again a massive thank you to you all for keeping myself and all the rest of the clients reassured and safe.

Love to you all and your loved ones. God bless.


Michael Crabbe.