Complex care
young man in wheelchair enjoying his computer
Rehabilitation Services

CNC homecare provide a Recovery & Adjustment service for people who have experienced changes to their health as a result of illness, injury or after a surgical procedure. We work with clients to restore help with their physical and medical needs and support them to restore their independence and confidence. 

We work through the different stages of rehabilitation, identifying goals and strengthening coping skills and introducing adaptations to help enable as seamless a process as possible.

For those living with a physical disability, learining disability, mental health or a life limiting condition our fully trained care givers provide a high level of support tailored to the individual needs. Our staff are fully trained in specialist areas such as hoist training and moving and handling of individuals who require physical support.

Our care givers will not just accommodate the accessed needs of an individual but also their preferences and aspirations which is an essential part of any care plan.

elderly lady in wheelchair being given a cup of tea by her carer